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Tyres are an essential part of your vehicle. It is the only part of the car in-contact with the ground, so it must always be in the best condition to ensure your safety. The condition depends on many things, such as the driver, wheel alignment and pressure, and the road. In the UK the minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm.

The depth of the tyre treads can be tested using the '20p Check', a 20p coin should fit enough so it hides the outer edges, otherwise your tyre may be illegal.

Regardless of the vehicle you drive, here at Safeway Mobile Tyres we have the right tyres for you, whether it's Run-flats, 4x4, all-season or just regular tyres, our specialists always choose the most appropriate and best-suited tyre for your car.

Don't know the tyre size you need?

You can find the size of your car tyre from the tyre itself. On the side of the tyre there will be a few numbers that show the size of the tyre. The first number is the width of the tyre measured from one side to the other. The second number is the profile of the tyre which is measured from the rim to edge of the tyre. The third number is the rim size and the last is the speed rating. You will need these when purchasing a tyre for your vehicle.

Another way to find the size of your tyres is by reading the vehicle owner manual.

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When should I get my tyres changed?

You should get your tyres changed if you experience any of the following signs of damage:

  • Once the tyre tread has worn to the legal limit of 1.6mm.

  • If you hear a sqeaky humming sound caused by a chopped tread.

  • A puncture on the side of the tyre.

  • You can notice the lack of traction in your tyres due to tread wear.

  • If your tyre shows signs of ageing.

  • If the tyre is not suited for your vehicle.

  • Other reasons.

If you do need to change your tyres, please call us or Make a Booking